General Specifications
Kit Name
GM800480X-70-TTX2NLW Kit
Short Name
7.0" Kit
Touch Panel
LCD Panel
Evaluation Board
GM800480X-70-TTX2NLW AD
Sample Pricing

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GM800480X-70-TTX2NLW Kit
GM800480X-70-TTX2NLW Kit
FEMA GM800480X-70-TTX2NLWkit is a 7" LCD Development Kit that is comprised of GM800480X-70-TTX2NLW LCD display panel, a VGA input Controller Board (Evaluation Board / AD Board) and cables.

The LCD Display Panel is TTL Interface.
800 x 480 Pixel Resolution.
400 Nits Typical Brightness.
Touch Screen Option Available.

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FEMA's LCD TFT Development Kits bundles all the necessary components into one convenient package
Low Cost Prototype Kit
No Minimum Order Quantity

Whether you're an OEM, Distributor or an electronics DIY (do-it-yourself) hobbyist, our LCD Kits are a low-cost and convenient way to source components for your LCD sampling and prototyping needs.

FEMA's LCD Kit components include the LCD Display, a VGA, DVI or RCA input Controller Board (Evaluation Board / AD Board), Optional Resistive and Capacitive Touch Panel, and cables.