• 5.0"
    Color TFT LCDs
    GM800480DW-50-tTX2NLW-TPCGFF is a 5.0" 800X480 resolution display with integrated projected capacitive touch. The touch panel has a black...
  • GM25664C-31-O3CB
    FEMA's GM25664C-31-O3CB is a 3.1" Monochrome Blue OLED display with256x64 Resolution and SSD1322 IC. Extended Operating Temperature of -40 to 85C....
  • GM800480E-70
    Embedded Displays
    FEMA GM800480E-70 is a TFT Embedded display with a 7" Color TFT Display, 800x480 Resolution,Samsung ARM Processor, Wireless (WLAN) Module, Touch...
  • GM9616A-08-O3CW
    FEMA GM9616A-08-O3CW is a 0.8" Passive Matrix White OLED Display with 96x16 characters, extended operating temperature -40 to 85 degrees celcius....
  • 10.1" Color TFT
    Color TFT LCDs
    GM1024600D-101-TTX2NLW-TPGFF is a full color 1024x600 resolution, 400 nits brightness with LVDS input. Integrated USB interface Projected...
  • 2.4" Color TFT
    Color TFT LCDs
    GM240320V-24-TTX2NLW is a 2.4" Color LCD TFT Panel with 240x320 Resolution (Portrait), Himax HX8347-G Driver IC. 450 nits brightness. Click on...
Press release:
Fema Electronics recently added a 16.4 Inch Fully Integrated 1366x254 TFT display to its product line.
FEMA Electronics' projected capacitive touch panel product line just expanded with the addition of 10.4", 12.1" and 15.0" sizes.
Who we are:

FEMA Electronics is a display solution partner offering a wide selection of display technologies (TN, STN, CSTN, TFT, OLED, LED) to serve the industrial and commercial industries.

FEMA customers are able to leverage FEMA's 30 years of design experience to weigh the pros and cons of the various display options.